Sunday, June 5, 2011

Odyssey Test Answers

I stopped writing in this blog, but then I went back and read parts of the teacher things...and I decided I want to start writing in this one again. Though, I am starting three weeks before the end of the year. Oh well!

Here's a taste of what kinds of ridiculous and awesome things my kids write:

The question reads: Odysseus gets in a lot of trouble because he is always shooting off his mouth. If you were one of his crew how would you persuade him that this isn't wise? Remember, he's your boss and you can't disrespect him.
"I would say chief you're nice but don't you think you're being a little mean or disrespectful? Just a little bit, not a lot. Just be a little bit more sweeter or nicer."
"To persuade him I would say Captain Odysseus stop talking like that or no one will cooperate with you. If you're nice to use we will follow your directions. So if you tell us to mop the deck we will do it."
"My leader, Odyssues, sir, I'm not questioning your decision. With your greatness and looks sir. I'm just saying sir we need to make better decisions. Again I'm just saying just think about it. Also, maybe some of us crew members could make decisions."
"I would say that the enemies will know where you live and take revenge on your home and your dearly beloved Penelope who awaits for you in your dwelling."
This is my favorite one: "I would tell Odysseus to be quiet because you can be a mystery. People will always think who was the guy who got away from the cyclops? If you stay quiet you can be the most famous man in the world. I would also say every girl in Ithaca will love you after you tell them secretly. Your wife would be so happy, she could always count on your to protect her." 

That girl knows how to male ego works. Damn!


  1. I loved, "Odysseus Sir....with your greatness and looks, sir" bawahahahaha! And also, "your enemies know where you live"! That cracked me up too!!

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  10. I love the answers that the kids gave. It's amazing how our perspective of the world changes as we get older. It also makes me want to read "The Odyssey" again. I haven't read it since my sophomore year of college.

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