Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Projects

During the summer, I like to try to get a lot done...I have more time and energy than the rest of the year. I decided to post my to-do list now and then check back in September to see how I did. Without further ado...

*Go to all medical appointments: eye doctor, dentist, and annual checkup
*Clean out linen closet
*Clean out hall storage closet
*Clean out under my bed
*Clean out my trunk
*Organize my home file cabinet
*Go on at least four hikes
*Go kayaking four times
*Try surfing again
*Read at least 8 new books
*Lose ten pounds
*Organize the posters in my classroom
*Get all classroom filing done(!)
*Don't get sunburned(!)
*Get credit cards paid off in August paycheck


  1. So the summer is over...how did you do?

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  4. Nice list. Were you able to complete it?

  5. I hope you didn't do any of those things. I hope you had a marvelous wonderful carefree summer - You went to the beach and read a garbage-y book, you went shopping and then you had more caffeine than you could handle, you stopped off at the movies just because, you took your best friend out to eat because you were not going to cook, you went to bed at 2am because you wanted to, not because you had lesson plans due, you talked to middle school kids and forgot you actually teach them (they really are pretty much on top of things aren't they??), you laughed at a little kids silly joke, you made a pie and ate the whole thing yourself...I hope you had a wonderful bizarre and relaxing summer. You're a teacher. You deserve it! OH, did you guess I was one too. For many years. yup. And middle school was always my fave. They have a special place in my heart. And now I'm retired. My blog is...doloresrusso.blogspot.com Actually that's ONE of my blogs. travelbyedesign.blogspot.com is another one. And I have 8 more. I need a job. Well, no not really...I'm pretty happy doing my photography right now. But I do miss those kids!

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