Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Projects

During the summer, I like to try to get a lot done...I have more time and energy than the rest of the year. I decided to post my to-do list now and then check back in September to see how I did. Without further ado...

*Go to all medical appointments: eye doctor, dentist, and annual checkup
*Clean out linen closet
*Clean out hall storage closet
*Clean out under my bed
*Clean out my trunk
*Organize my home file cabinet
*Go on at least four hikes
*Go kayaking four times
*Try surfing again
*Read at least 8 new books
*Lose ten pounds
*Organize the posters in my classroom
*Get all classroom filing done(!)
*Don't get sunburned(!)
*Get credit cards paid off in August paycheck

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh yeah, this blog.

Raspberries, though delicious, must be eaten within about 15 seconds of coming home from the grocery store, otherwise they all mold. So even when they're on sale, I have to think of how many I can eat in the same day.