Friday, February 13, 2009

6th Grade Poetry...

I assigned my students an "I am" poem for our poetry unit. You know, where the poem is formatted with the beginning of the line and they have to fill-in the blanks. I read them and alternated between laughing and finding some of them heartbreaking. So, here is my found poem from my 6th grade students:

I am astounding and curious
I am awesome and kind
I am sometimes mean and sometimes nice
I am a kind and caring gentleman

I cry about my mom and dad not together
I cry when I get near onions
I cry because my mom passed away
I cry when there's cruelty in the world

I dream of going to a Jonas Brothers concert
I dream of zombies eating people
I dream one day I can change the world

I wonder when the war in Iraq will end
I wonder why I am different
I wonder what I look like to others
I wonder why we have sports

I pretend to go into books
I pretend to be myself
I pretend that I did my homework
I pretend to be someone who I am clearly not
I pretend to be okay
I pretend that I can drive
I pretend to listen to my mom

I hope I do well in school and please everyone

I see snow fall from the sky like little peaces of heaven
I hear the rain hit my window like a bullet
I hear my mom call my name

I dream that one day I will be the richest man on earth for inventing or discovering something

I understand my mom is divorced
I understand life is like a freeway, sometimes bumpy and sometimes clear
I understand that sometimes everything can't be perfect
I understand everyone has to die

I hope my hear murmur gets cured
I hope I can figure out why me?

I worry my mom is hurt
I worry what will happen if my mom gets married
I worry I'm not smart enough

I want to have no other life than my own
I want more devastatingly cool DS games

I say good is in our hearts

Are you jealous of my job right now? I think you are, just a little.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thoughts of the day...

1. I had a martini tonight called Hawaiian Sunrise (or maybe sunset?) at Yardhouse, and apparently Hawaii is delicious.

2. I am going to a drag show on Thursday night. Yessssss....

3. If a middle school student interviews you and asks a bunch of questions about retirement, and you are not planning on retiring this year after all, maybe you should speak up so they don't write an article about you and put it in the freakin' yearbook.

4. I am pretty damn assertive in the last few years. Boyfriend, administrator, random children in my school parking lot who look like they might throw a football at my car. I speak my mind.

5. It needs to stop raining so I can go running tomorrow morning. Who would have ever thought that I would speak that sentence?

6. I need to read two Flannery O'Connor short stories before Monday night. I am buying the book tomorrow. I have homework again, and I love it.

7. A girl from worked was shocked that I've never seen a stripper. "Haven't you had, like, a ton of friends get married?"  Yes, but I went to Biola. Who knew?

8. I started this list thinking it would only be a few items, but then when it grew I really want it to be ten.

9. My eyelids are heavy, my down comforter is warm, and my arms want to be under it and not typing anymore.

10. Good night.