Thursday, December 31, 2009

You Say You Want a Resolution...

In 2010 I will....

...stop cursing. It's not like I go crazy, but like I tell my students, there are better ways to express yourself.
...shampoo my makeup brushes once a month. I am terrible about this, and it's not that difficult. Once a month is probably not ideal, but it's a start. more positive about relationships. I wrote down affirmations for when I get in my negative mood about it, and I will not harbor negative thoughts.
...start my house down payment fund.
...have 100 no drive days, meaning I will walk, carpool, or ride my bike rather than use my car. It's green, it saves money on gas, and it makes me exercise.
...complete my secondary credential in English.

Friday, December 11, 2009

All about me...

I had my students do an activity where they wrote eight sentences on any topic they wanted and then they traded with a neighbor and marked them as either facts or opinions. Some of them were stuck and so I said they should write about me (because I'm vain.) Here are some of my favorites:

"Ms. Fletcher is serious about classwork."

"She also is strict when people are talking."

"Ms. Fletcher is a Dodger fan. Also she does not like the Angles." (That's how he spelled it.)
"She also had nice blonde hair."
"She is better than all my other teachers."
She is the best teacher ever."
"Ms. Fletcher is the fastest typist in our school."
"Ms. Fletcher's class is very very FUN!"
"Ms. Fletcher cares for everyone in the class."
"We are not allowed to eat in class."

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like memories...

I love decorating my Christmas tree because I have been collecting ornaments from various places I've traveled, and so decorating the tree makes me think of trips I have taken and people I love. For example...

My cherry blossom reminds me of DC and visiting Melanie and Tasha.
My Big Ben reminds me of my trip to London with Shelley.
My Eiffel Tower reminds me of my trip to France with my Aunt Katy.
My Shaker Village ornament reminds me of my trips to Kentucky with Bethany. (and of the Godshalls, though I have not visited them there.)
My Dodgers ornament reminds me of Becca and Justin, my fellow Dodger fans.
My Jamaica ornament reminds me of my fabulous trip in August with Jessica and Elizabeth.

So, decorating my tree last night was great fun, not only because I have a lovely tree in my living room, but because of the sentimental value of my ornaments. They are my favorite travel souvenir. And, if anyone has an ornament that goes with Italy, tell me where to get it (I am totally willing to cheat and buy it after the fact so I can think of my trip to Florence and Rome with Rebecca).

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Changing the stigma...

Tonight I ordered Christmas cards with pictures on them for the first time. I always want to order these kind, because they are the kinds of cards I like to receive the most, but I've always felt weird ordering them as a single person. But tonight I decided that you don't have to be in a couple or a family to send out pictures on your Christmas card. I chose four pictures-two from Jamaica, one of some friends and me at Easter brunch, and one of Erin and me at a Dodger game. The hard part was deciding what the typed message should say. Here are some of the ideas Kerri and I came up with:

"Merry Christmas Suckas! Still single!"

"I care too much. Bitches be crazy!" (That's from Parks and Rec)

"I'd like a man in next year's card. Know anybody to set me up with?"

I eventually decided on something much more boring, but also much more appropriate. So my single friends, you too should make a photo Christmas card if you want to! And, prepare to receive one from me. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This is mostly for Erin...

From one of my student's essay about Benjamin Franklin, who she says invented the library:

"Libraries are probably the most resourceful thing on Earth. Without this invention, I could not be able to type this essay! I probably would not know who Benjamin Franklin is! Most of you will say, "Well I can check on the internet." Guess what! They got their information from libraries! Libraries are the best invention on the planet!"