Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Resolutions

1. Make it to church three out of four Sundays per month.
2. Work out four times a week.
a. Michelle Obama arms...or at least no bat wing arm jiggle...
b. Best shape of my life
3. Use my bread machine once a week.
4. Go to the doctor for physical, check on knees, eye doctor, and dentist.
5. Get my date on.
6. Ocean Kayaking!!
7. read read read read read read read read read read read read
8. Have fun fun fun 'til her daddy takes the t-bird away.
9. If Getty happy hour exists, go to it.
10. Stroll & Savor
11. Free movies on the beach in Long Beach!
a. Harry & the Hendersons on July 14th

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thinking Positve Thoughts

Things that made my day/restored my faith in humanity today:

My good friend at work, Christina Soris, got her job back today. She is an awesome, strict, passionate teacher (the kids call her the DinaSoris), and she will not be layed off.

The yearbooks came out yesterday and an 8th grade boy yelled across the hall at me this morning, "Ms. Fletcher, I LOVE the yearbook!!!!"

Another good friend at work, Juliet, told me that a friend of hers who had lung cancer and went through chemo is now cancer free.

I had a really interesting conversation about religion with my students today, since I am teaching Rome and am thus teaching Christianity.

As of today there is only one week left until summer vacation. And this place is crazy, and it stresses me out and occasionally makes me cry, but you know what? I think I am actually going to miss it a little over the next few months.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Books, books, books.

Today, the Carnegie poetry books arrived. The students submitted poems, I typed them all (or most of them. A few of them were high tech and gave them to me on a flash drive), and had them printed via The book is called Mind & Soul. It came out pretty nicely. Check it out here:

The kids who are in the book get a free copy, thanks to a grant that we received. Wesley yelled about a hundred times, "I'm on page 23!" Stephanie keeps reading hers while she's supposed to be doing other work in history (which I am benig nice about, but making her do her work.) To be honest, putting the book together was a big pain, as is opening the boxes of each set of 10, which are double wrapped in plastic. BUT, I must be cliche and say that seeing the kids get excited makes all the hard work worth it.

Now, I must go and finish getting them distributed, since my yearbooks are due to arrive tomorrow. It's a busy week!