Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So, you know how I'm a teacher?

In the last month, two students have thrown up in my classroom. Both of these boys threw up on their desks. Like, didn't even make a move to run out of the room or to a trash can. Just barfed on their notebooks. Seriously?!?!

On the Ancient Israel test, they had to list five of the ten commandments. One boy wrote all of his as excalamations. As in, "You shall not commit adultery!" and "You shall not have other gods before me!" It's like the ten commandments are on the back of a DVD cover, describing a wacky adventure!

I was talking the other day and said, "Okay my children..." and a boy said, "Yes, my lady?" I told him not to call me that because it was creepy. He's called me that for the last three days straight.