Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like August

I kind of forgot I had a blog. Huh.

So, for whatever reason I have been on an organizational rampage this week. I think it comes from my annual need to get my act together in August. August is when I finally make all my doctor and dentist appointments so I don't have to go when I am working. But this year I extended my to-do list into territory of my house. This week I have...

-cleaned out my closet
-cleaned out my dresser (HOW do I accumulate so many t-shirts? I swear they mate and reproduce in there...)
-re-organized and cleaned out my CD rack, DVD drawers, and bookshelves
-Cleaned out jewelry box and organized all earrings into pairs
-bought canisters for my flour, sugar etc.
-bought a lazy susan for all of our spices
-rearranged some of the kitchen drawers
-took in a crapload of dry cleaning (including my coats, which I swear I've probably never had cleaned. Maybe I shouldn't admit that in a public forum, but oh well.)
-cleaned out and re-organized all toiletries (which mostly involved throwing away expired medicine.)
-Re-organized linen closet
-Cleaned out my car, including glove compartment (no small feat, but this is the one I most want to keep up with)

And I can't stop. Tomorrow I am washing all the dish towels and pot holders, vacuuming, and hanging more things on my walls. I would like to think that if I can get everything organized before school starts, I will somehow be able to maintain it throughout the year. I would really really like to be that organized and just do the maintenance, however generally this falls apart. Clean laundry ends up stacked on my bed instead of hung up. Books overflow into all the nooks and crannies of my room. Dirty clothes end up on the floor. Jewelry is taken off all over the house instead of being placed in my jewelry box. But, since it's August, I am pretending that I will be able to maintain this. Just like I am pretending that I will only wear jeans on Fridays to work this school year. Sigh. Check in with me in November-we'll see how I do this Fall.


  1. this is crazy. you are a maniac. i'm proud of you.

  2. I always say that I am going to spend 10 minutes a day just putting stuff away and cleaning everyday then I would always have a clean house/car/room. Of course that never happens, but you are more disciplined than me! You can do it!