Monday, July 20, 2009

Do you not know, have you not heard?

Attention concert-goers: When the band stops playing their song, says thank you, and exits the stage, the concert is not over. There is this crazy thing called an "encore." We all play along and clap until the band returns, when we cheer even louder, feigning surprise, and they play two to three more songs. You should come to expect this. And, they are usually some of the bands biggest hits that you want to hear. So, sit back, relax. Your car will still be there and leaving isn't really going to make traffic that much easier. If the lights are not on, the concert is not over.

This has been a public service announcement.


  1. I do know, I have heard. What concert did you go to?


  2. Jessica,
    I just about never post anything on blogs and barely even email, but i wanted to thank you from a deep place in my heart for your kind words to Natalie on her blog. It's so nice to hear someone else say that you look pretty when your in your last month of pregnancy. If I were to say it, it would be because I'm mom. It meant alot to me...thank you for your kindness!! You've always been a sweetheart. I'm sorry this has nothing to do with encores. Coldplay did some cool encores a few weeks back here in vancouver. (So says Adam and Emily)
    thanks again
    Donna Hendrix

  3. Aw, thank you Donna! Your message made my night, and I meant every word I said about Natalie-I hope it encourages her-your comment encouraged me. Hope you are doing well!