Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yes, I love technology

I love that every question I have in my life has an answer to be found on the internet.

Which kind of fillings are better, silver or white? (pros and cons to both)
Should I floss before or after I brush? (Dentists are divided, it's important to just do it)
What is the best eye cream? (Doesn't matter as long as it's a rich one. For daytime All About Eyes by Clinique is preferred)
Who is the singer for the band Owl City (Not Ben Gibbard, which was my guess)
Are Pink and Carey Hart back together? (Yes, it would seem that they are)
What group exercises are at my gym this week (Schedule is on the website)
How do I get to my work bbq today? (I love you mapquest)
How far did I run/bike/walk outside today (I am going to marry

How did we exist before the internet?


  1. A pertinent question you overlooked that pertains to your life:
    "How do I take care of my syphillis?"

  2. AMEN. I am way too addicted to the internet. It's been in and out lately at our house and I almost went postal on the phone when the Verizon guy said he couldn't send someone out to fix it until next week. What did I do before "google" became a verb?