Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things of all sorts

The annoying thing about being a grown up is that when you are vacuuming and realize that the vacuum is not sucking it is you and you alone who must flip it on it's side, take scissors to it and pull out enough hair to make a disgusting wig. 

The awesome thing about dry clean only clothes is that when you get them back they are not only clean, but pressed perfectly. I am terrible about taking my clothes in the the dry cleaner and about ironing in general, but when I got back skirts and shirts that look better than they did when I bought them, I can't wait to wear them and I am in fact glad that they are dry clean only.

The annoying thing about lift class tonight was that the instructor didn't even do the workout with us. She walked around and assisted and then would demonstrate with a bar that had no weight on it. She kept saying, "It's your workout, not mine." Listen. It makes it more bearable if we are all suffering together. When you say, "four more!" I can tolerate it because you are doing it too. When you are just standing there and say "four more!" I want to punch you in the face. Except I can't because my arms are so fatigued from the millions of reps we just did.


  1. Is the workout instructor's name Ms Molinaro? I know it can't be Ms Dado.

  2. Ha ha! This post was cracking me up- especially the disgusting "cut out of the vacuum" wig and not being able to punch the instructor because your arms are fatigued. I like you.