Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gimme Moore

So, on other people's blogs I find it annoying when they quote authors and I just skim it. But I am still compelled to post Lorrie Moore quotes on my blog:

"Is there a secret world of knowledge that adults know, that gets passed on from one generation to the next, the way there is with children? I think not. I think your blurped out into the world, you get a few jumprope rhymes, and from there on you're on your own. Nobody tells you anything. Nobody shows you how."

"She insisted that she loved him and would go mad without him or at least have a hard time grocery shopping."

"You cannot be grateful without possessing a past. That is why children are incapable of gratitude and why night prayers and dinner graces are lost on them. 'Gobbles Mommy, Gobbles Grandpa...' George races through it. She has no reference points. As I get older the past widens and accumulates, all sloppy landlessness like a river, and as a result I have more clearly demarcated areas of gratitude. Things like ice cream or scenery or one good kiss become objects of a huge soulful thanks. Nothing is gobbled."

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  1. I love these quotes..I think I am going to get this book from the library since I am now unemployed for the summer.