Sunday, May 4, 2008


Here's what I like about church:
*that the pastor quotes authors, and NPR occasionally, and current articles and things
*being reminded that even when I am unsure about what I believe and what the Bible says, I am still a Christian
*being reminded of grace and God's presence in the world
*being around people smarter than me who are believers
*being around people who are just unbelievably nice and friendly
*the honesty I see at Grace
*the moment in the sermon where something is said that I frantically scribble down in my notes, hoping that it will stay with me, even after those notes are long gone
*that they recycle the bulletins
*saying the benediction together at the end, and then saying "now go in that grace" which is the part only the pastor is supposed to say, but I can't help but recite along with him


  1. Grace Brethren Long Beach. I love it!

  2. i have a hard time not saying "brother-in" for brethren

    i liked this list :D