Friday, May 23, 2008

It's started again...

I am stress dreaming again. See, whenever there is something in my life I am worried or nervous about, I start dreaming about it being a disaster. It happens with events, relationships, work, everything. I have re-occurring "nightmares" before the first day of school every year. Nightmares is a little strong, because I'm not actually scared, just frustrated usually. Actually, the overriding theme of most of my dreams is frustration. What does that mean?

Anyway, the other night I dreamed that the yearbook distribution party was a total disaster. It was in this maze-like warehouse and the books were missing. Then, when I finally found our yearbooks, the pages were all out of order, there were pages I had never seen, missing images, really bad photos, etc. I was so upset and frustrated. And then I woke up and realized that I have about a month's worth of yearbook-themed dreams to look forward to. Awesome.

So, does everyone stress-dream, or is that just me? I wish I had re-occurring dreams about making out with Dave Grohl or something. That would be WAY better.


  1. oh yes...when i was getting married i would dream that the wedding was happening, but the only things in the wedding were the things i had secured at that point....makes for interesting stories.

  2. It's universal and a sign that your subconscious is healthy and functioning appropriately. Aren't you thrilled?!