Saturday, May 17, 2008

My favorite paragraph of Anagrams (so far!)

"So I comforted myself with Gerard's faults: He was infantile; he was always losing his keys; he was from Nebraska, like some horrible talk show host; he had grown up not far from one of the oldest service plazas on the I-80; he told jokes that had the words wiener and fart in them; he once referred to sex as "hiding the salami." He also had a habit of charging after small animals and frightening them. Actually, the first he did this it was with a bird in the park, and I laughed, thinking it hilarious. Later, I realized it was weird: Gerard was thirty-one and charging after small mammals, sending them leaping into bushes, up trees, over furniture. He would then turn and grin, like a charmed maniac, a Puck with a Master's degree. He liked also to water down the face and neck fur of cats and gods, saying it make them look like Judy Garland. I realized that life was too short for anyone to honestly and thoroughly outgrow anything, but it was clear that some people were making more of an effort than others."


  1. It sounds like a very insightful and entertaining book. Please let us know when you finish it if it's worth reading.