Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So, after my first year of teaching one of my co-workers wrote this in my yearbook: "Have a good summer, Jessica, and try to relax. Yeah, maybe even relax."

I remember thinking, "What is he talking about? I totally know how to relax. I'm not THAT high-strung."

After my first two days of vacation though, I am thinking he may have a point. Thus far I have:
*read two books
*done my laundry (no small feat)
*finished half of a three-unit online class
*met Krista at work for lunch
*bought gifts for various people

And, Shelley and I have plans to clean out my closet when we get home from It's A Grind, where I am working on the class. Now, it can definitely be argued that shopping, reading, and the TV watching I've also done is relaxing. That is certainly true. Reading David Sedaris can hardly be called stressful. But, the fact that I was bored at 11:00 this morning and decided to start my online summer classes on my second day of vacation is a bit telling.

Also, I am starting my National Boards in the fall. Which is a crapload of work. I got asked what made me decide to start that, and while the pay raise is an EXCELLENT motivation, I don't even think that's the real reason I'm doing it. I just have a need to be doing something all the time. Achieving something. Working toward something. There are definitely worse traits to possess. I mean, it does help me get a lot done. But I have been reflecting on this trait in the last year or so, when I realized that it is rare and bit extreme. Is it just a personality thing that I should work to its full advantage? Or should I analyze my need for achievement-perhaps it is reflective of some sort of issue I should work through?

I don't know. But I am going to go and work on that class some more.


  1. I believe it is awesome when a person wants to do "productive" things instead of just go blah blah through the day. Some things others think is extreme is relaxing to you or fun or whatever...now if you are exhausted all the time cuz you do need to CHILL then do so but like I said your relax may be different from someone elses relax.. DO IT YOUR WAY GIRL...

  2. WOW...I never knew that about you...how have we been friends for almost ten years and me not know that about you?