Thursday, June 12, 2008

And so it begins...

Have I mentioned that I hate moving? I always said that whenever I moved from my house I was going to leave everything behind and start a new life. Yeah, I'm totally full of it. I really like my stuff. But, here is my pros and cons list for moving thus far...

+actually got rid of about 25 books that I've either never read or didn't really like in the first place. (goodbye old math textbook and "I Gave Dating a Chance" by Jeramy Clark. That book was terrible.)
-I still have a kajabillion books to pack. I labeled one of my boxes "horribly heavy box of books."
+found my Everybody Duck CD from Hume Lake
-it doesn't have that one song I really like that I thought it did (at least not yet. It's playing while I pack/blog about packing while sitting on my bed).
+I have a couple bags of stuff for Goodwill
-I actually have to take said items to Goodwill. This, like so many other simple tasks, may be the death of me. Other chores in this same group include: addressing and mailing a letter, folding laundry, taking my car to the car wash, making a doctor's appointment, etc.

Can't we just skip to the part where all my stuff is in my new place and we have a housewarming party?


  1. There's one other plus to moving that you don't list. We've now lived in our current house for four years. Suddenly I'm looking around going, "this place is dirty and needs a coat of paint." This from an apartment dweller who never lived anyplace longer than a year, so everything was always painted and really cleaned less that a year before. Now if I want it done, I have to do it myself. It stinks!

  2. all new stuff = all new life


    i think that is kind of true, except that if i got rid of all my stuff i would buy all the same kind of stuff again. i wouldn't buy all new kind of stuff. STUFF