Thursday, December 31, 2009

You Say You Want a Resolution...

In 2010 I will....

...stop cursing. It's not like I go crazy, but like I tell my students, there are better ways to express yourself.
...shampoo my makeup brushes once a month. I am terrible about this, and it's not that difficult. Once a month is probably not ideal, but it's a start. more positive about relationships. I wrote down affirmations for when I get in my negative mood about it, and I will not harbor negative thoughts.
...start my house down payment fund.
...have 100 no drive days, meaning I will walk, carpool, or ride my bike rather than use my car. It's green, it saves money on gas, and it makes me exercise.
...complete my secondary credential in English.


  1. ...hang out with Rachel Sovilla again someday. And all the jr. high staff, if we can swing it.

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