Sunday, December 6, 2009

Changing the stigma...

Tonight I ordered Christmas cards with pictures on them for the first time. I always want to order these kind, because they are the kinds of cards I like to receive the most, but I've always felt weird ordering them as a single person. But tonight I decided that you don't have to be in a couple or a family to send out pictures on your Christmas card. I chose four pictures-two from Jamaica, one of some friends and me at Easter brunch, and one of Erin and me at a Dodger game. The hard part was deciding what the typed message should say. Here are some of the ideas Kerri and I came up with:

"Merry Christmas Suckas! Still single!"

"I care too much. Bitches be crazy!" (That's from Parks and Rec)

"I'd like a man in next year's card. Know anybody to set me up with?"

I eventually decided on something much more boring, but also much more appropriate. So my single friends, you too should make a photo Christmas card if you want to! And, prepare to receive one from me. :)


  1. love this! can you email me your address so i can send one your way?

  2. Natalie, I would...but I can't figure out how to email you from here. :) Email me your address at (so I can send you one) and I'll respond with mine.

  3. I was TOTALLY thinking of doing the same thing. Wow. We're like soulmates. And do you want to do the jr. high thing in december, or 2010? I've been a slacker about it...