Friday, December 11, 2009

All about me...

I had my students do an activity where they wrote eight sentences on any topic they wanted and then they traded with a neighbor and marked them as either facts or opinions. Some of them were stuck and so I said they should write about me (because I'm vain.) Here are some of my favorites:

"Ms. Fletcher is serious about classwork."

"She also is strict when people are talking."

"Ms. Fletcher is a Dodger fan. Also she does not like the Angles." (That's how he spelled it.)
"She also had nice blonde hair."
"She is better than all my other teachers."
She is the best teacher ever."
"Ms. Fletcher is the fastest typist in our school."
"Ms. Fletcher's class is very very FUN!"
"Ms. Fletcher cares for everyone in the class."
"We are not allowed to eat in class."


  1. My favorite is that you're the fastest typist in the school.

  2. the title of this post is reminiscent of our mockery of christian worship songs, no? ;-)

  3. Hmmm... some of those are questionable.

  4. oh oh oo-oo-oh
    oh oh oo-oo
    oh oh oo-oo-oh
    the write stuff.

    Merry Christmas!