Monday, May 18, 2009


This is the conversation I have had at least twenty times today:
"Ms. Fletcher, did you feel the earthquake!?"
"Yes, I did. Did you?"
Then the student tells me how they were sleeping, in the shower, in their mom's room, doing their homework ("So you can't get mad if it's messy!" Wesley cheerfully told me.)

I roll my eyes internally, but really I did the same thing last night. It's tradition. I called my mom right away and asked her "did you feel the earthquake?" We made fun of the people who call in to the news, "It was more of a rolling motion." Then I talk my roommate down from the ledge and tell her that California is a nice place to live, and that "The Big One" is BS, just like how when it rains it's immediately "Storm Watch!!" and I go check my room to see what fell over (a picture frame, not broken.) It's nice to have these traditions for natural disasters-especially when the disaster isn't so disasterous.


  1. I had a similar conversation with my roommate! I like your perspective :)

  2. Dammit I missed it. I never feel anything!

    I went all RSS on your blog and i think your work email address is funny... jef!

  3. haha "i never feel anything." justin.

    jessica, do you also like the tradition of when there's a power outage all the neighbors wander into their front yards and look at each other like, are we going to make small talk about this or what? and then they usually do?

    natural disaster (yes, a power outage is a DISASTER) traditions are fun. nice post, mon frer.