Friday, February 13, 2009

6th Grade Poetry...

I assigned my students an "I am" poem for our poetry unit. You know, where the poem is formatted with the beginning of the line and they have to fill-in the blanks. I read them and alternated between laughing and finding some of them heartbreaking. So, here is my found poem from my 6th grade students:

I am astounding and curious
I am awesome and kind
I am sometimes mean and sometimes nice
I am a kind and caring gentleman

I cry about my mom and dad not together
I cry when I get near onions
I cry because my mom passed away
I cry when there's cruelty in the world

I dream of going to a Jonas Brothers concert
I dream of zombies eating people
I dream one day I can change the world

I wonder when the war in Iraq will end
I wonder why I am different
I wonder what I look like to others
I wonder why we have sports

I pretend to go into books
I pretend to be myself
I pretend that I did my homework
I pretend to be someone who I am clearly not
I pretend to be okay
I pretend that I can drive
I pretend to listen to my mom

I hope I do well in school and please everyone

I see snow fall from the sky like little peaces of heaven
I hear the rain hit my window like a bullet
I hear my mom call my name

I dream that one day I will be the richest man on earth for inventing or discovering something

I understand my mom is divorced
I understand life is like a freeway, sometimes bumpy and sometimes clear
I understand that sometimes everything can't be perfect
I understand everyone has to die

I hope my hear murmur gets cured
I hope I can figure out why me?

I worry my mom is hurt
I worry what will happen if my mom gets married
I worry I'm not smart enough

I want to have no other life than my own
I want more devastatingly cool DS games

I say good is in our hearts

Are you jealous of my job right now? I think you are, just a little.