Saturday, April 5, 2008

Think Blue

I went to my first Dodger game of the season on Wednesday. It was actually a bust in many accounts-there was a rain delay, so we left early since I had Open House the next day. And then they lost. :( BUT, I love-love-love-love-love walking into Dodger Stadium. 

I love seeing a sea of people in Blue shirts and hats. Everyone seems to be in a good mood-you're at the baseball game! I love the vendors selling overpriced food. I love booing the Giants. I love hearing Vin Scully announce anything. He could be telling us about the dangers of global warming and I would still feel nostalgia for my childhood listening to his voice. I love sitting near the ghetto Dodger fans who yell stuff and have their LA blankets and such. I always end up high-fiving them after a great play. I love choosing which cartoon truck will win the race on the jumbotron and cheering for it as though it were not a pre-determined outcome. And if I win, I love to look victoriously at my friends as though I have outsmarted them. (I'm sure they enjoy that as well.) On the occasions that the Dodgers win, I adore singing "I love LA.....WE LOVE IT!" on the way out of the Stadium (even the weird part about a "big nasty redhead at my side").

And as of late, I love Russell Martin. He's my new boyfriend. So, if anyone would like to introduce me to him, that would be great.


  1. Russell Martin is spoken for...sorry. It's Justin's dream...his hero marries his mother...think of the movie that would make. We've already written him a letter declaring our love and sent photos. He didn't reply yet, but I keep waiting for his call!

  2. I never knew Vin Scully's name. The only Dodger name I know is Tommy Lasorda.