Sunday, April 20, 2008

I might need a nap later...

It's funny, I used to do Jr. High ministry at church and take kids on week long camps. I would ride in the car to Palomar or even Oregon, and then spend days sharing a cabin or dorm room with kids. We would hike and go white water rafting, or do a service project and sit in classes all day. I was fine. I loved it, in fact.

I took three students to the National High School Journalism Convention this weekend. I left with them Thursday after school and took them home Saturday night. The convention was in Anaheim, and logically it should have been a breeze compared to camp.

I was SO exhausted last night, I couldn't even handle it. 

Don't get me wrong-the conference was GREAT. I would totally go again and I loved taking the girls. They had a great time, learned a ton about yearbook (as did I), and I definitely bonded with them. There is a certain brand of kid/adult who can get really excited about layout and font choice. We are of that odd group. I have a huge list of ideas for next year and can't wait to start the 2009 yearbook. We also went to Downtown Disney, which is pretty much designed for twelve year old girls. They tried on makeup at Sephora and took hundreds of pictures of themselves (literally). They went swimming at the motel pool. They giggled and jumped on the bed and ran around the room on Friday night. They got to meet some of the minor stars of Gossip Girl, which caused one of them to exclaim, "Ms. Fletcher this is like the best day ever!! You're the best teacher in the word!!!" It was a blast. But good lord, I was DONE. 

I can't figure out the differences. Is it because I had to drive them back and forth? Because I was responsible for their itinerary and fun rather than a camp director? 

Or is it, as I suspect, that I am just getting old?


  1. maybe it was the subject matter...
    or maybe you're just getting old. welcome to the club!

    p.s. was going through all my 'keepsakes' this last week as my parents are making me take my stuff from their garage. found lots of letters from you in high school. you were a freshman, me a senior...

    it's cool to have had friends that long and still be in touch.

  2. Um, I don't mean to be creepy, but

    Can I have your water bottle when you're done with it?

  3. When you went with the Jr. Highers back in the day, you were going to exotic locales and maybe you weren't totally responsible for them kids.

    Now you are in the scary big suburb typefacing for your yearbook while bop supervising, sounds more stressful to me...

  4. so what I was getting at is, you aint old!

  5. Old...OLD. Me too. I feel it. It creeps up to us, over us. It is here.