Monday, January 25, 2010

What do you remember from 6th grade?

Every once in a while I do an activity at school that I think the kids might actually remember. The things I remember from 6th grade include dissecting owl pellets, an affirmation activity where we all wrote nice things about each other, writing protest letters to the school district, and current event discussions (during one of which I stood up and called a classmate a "male chauvinist pig!"). There are a few other details, but that's about it. The rest blurs together.

As a teacher, I know that my kids won't remember every lesson I teach. Hopefully the things they learn build on each other, and while they don't remember the lesson, they remember things that I taught them. But, it's nice every once in a while to know that I did something special, that at least a few of them will remember.

Today, I think, was one of those days. My kids did How-To Speeches in English. The lesson was public speaking and writing directions. They had to make a poster and give their speeches today. Highlights included a boy who did how to make a paper airplane. He brought in paper for everyone, we all made planes, and then I had them line up outside to see who could throw theirs the farthest. Another boy did how to make sugar cookies and brought in homemade cookies for everyone. Along the same lines, a girl did how to make cupcakes and brought in cupcakes. A boy from first period did how to clean your room, and his poster included pictures of him cleaning his bedroom, along with a before and after photo (I'm thinking his mom suggested the topic). One girl did how to make lemonade and printed recipe cards for everyone. I also learned how to pitch a baseball, how to straighten my hair, how to shoot a free throw, how to draw a dog, how to make paper stars, how to cure vomiting, and how to do a rear naked choke hold (the boy demonstrated on another student. Neither was naked, just to clarify).

The kids overall did a great job and put a lot of effort into it. Eve the really nervous ones said they liked the assignment, and I was proud of them. I told them that it really made me happy to see the effort they put into the assignment. Definitely a new staple of being in Ms. Fletcher's English class. :)


  1. Lovely idea - I am stealing it for my Spanish classes. Thanks!

  2. i did this in french classin high school. super fun & memorable!

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