Friday, October 23, 2009

Movie/TV on DVD recommendations???

Well, I officially have bronchitis again. Blerg.

So, besides watching my Thursday shows and the latest episode of Glee on Hulu this weekend, I am looking for ideas of movies or TV shows that I can rent this weekend.

I plan to sit at home, eat Natalie's crock pot recipe (see the comments on my last blog), read (library here I come!), and watch TV/DVDs. That's it. If anyone wants to risk catching my disease by parking it on my couch next to me, lemme know. Especially if you can bring a movie I don't already own.


  1. The Wire

    Freaks n Geeks

    Hoop Dreams

    Feel better, love!

  2. Don't judge me- Gilmore Girls. I started out hating it, then I loved to hate it, then I secretly liked it (while hating myself for liking it), now I just like it. But I still kind of hate Rory.

    When I am sick I also like watching 90's preteen movies like Heavyweights and Richie Rich with Macaulay Caulkin.

    Have you seen Cougartown? It's my favorite new show!

    Feel better!

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  4. Okay, compared to the previous comments, I'm going to sound like a prude, but I just saw North & South (the BBC movie based on Elizabeth Gaskell's book) and it was DELICIOUS - in that BBC way, ya know? John Thornton is the new Mr. Darcy (swoon). Harder to find but totally worth it. Or just watch dumb reality TV like I do when I'm feeling blerg.