Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Darndest Things.

This week I am having my kids write letters to President Obama telling him what goal they set for themselves in response to his speech on the first day of school. I was telling them to write a paragraph that introduces themselves-their names, grade they're in, what school they go to. I asked, "Now, do you guys think President Obama knows where Carnegie Middle School is?"

"Yesss," they all chorused back.

"Um, actually I don't think he does. Remember there are thousands of middle schools in America he can't know where all of them are. What are some landmarks nearby that would help him know where our school is?"

"Subway!" one girl yelled out (referring to the sandwich shop on the corner.)

"Well, no there are a lot of those."


"No, think of really famous things."

"City Hall!"

"Every city has a City Hall. Try to think of something there is only one of."

Eventually we got to Long Beach, which led us to the Queen Mary. And how far LA is from us. And that we were part of LA Unified. But I thought it was cute that they truly think the president knows exactly where their school is. I kind of hated to burst their bubble.


  1. They should tell President Obama that their school is the one with the rabies outbreak amongst 6th graders.

  2. how cute, but you never know he might know. ;)