Friday, September 18, 2009

6th Grade Writing

I forget how many of my posts are about students when I am in school. But here is another one.

On the first day of school I give my kids the homework assignment to write two paragraphs about their first day of middle school. The first paragraph is about what happened and the second paragraph is about how the felt. This is an excerpt from Brandon's first paragraph:

"What happened at the first day of school was that I met new friends like Pablo, Arly, Richard and Jef. They looked really shy so I went to them individually and told them each my first and last name and all of them said in a quiet voice there names. Afer I told all of them my name I saw them stop being shy and talking and greeting other people."

Brandon's outgoing nature is certainly already confirmed and it's interesting that he is aware enough to notice that he has the ability to make other people more comfortable by being friendly. He also mentioned that at first he was nervous, but then it went away and he started to feel happy and "a little hungry."