Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So, occasionally I am a nice teacher and give my kids a fun project to do. (I am also having them write an essay the week before Spring Break-can't be too nice.) Today, we are coloring and painting greek pottery (on paper). Yesterday, we watched a Power Point on Greek pottery so they'd know how to do theirs (after which, Daniel said, with sincerity, "That was the best 20 minutes of my life." I have thoroughly taught them how to suck up.)

Today, they used crayon to color their pots with a scene from The Odyssey and are painting the background with watercolors. So, I have put on traditional Greek music, also known as Weezer's Blue Album (which is my favorite. I know the cool kids like Pinkerton better, but the blue album is one of my favorite albums EVER). "In the Garage" just started and let me tell you, the boys in my honors class like to say EVERYTHING out loud.

"That's the harmonica!"
"I play the harmonica!"
"I play with windwhistle."
"I play the recorder!"

All of this was at full volume, which I could hear across the room. Bless their hearts. And their unintentionally loud voices, which I understand completely. After this exchange, I looked around the room and felt genuine affection for them. I like my classes this year. And I like listening to Weezer at work.


  1. hahaha. this was sweet and funny. it was the best 20 minutes of my life! (sincere.)

  2. Have ya heard pinkerton?? ick.

    I am jealous, I wish my teach woulda bust weezer. :(