Thursday, July 24, 2008

In case it was unclear...

So, today after work I came home to...a couch! YES, it is finally here and it is glorious. Kerri and I can both watch TV in comfort, instead of taking turns on the chair.

Then, I walked to the library (the one with the books, not the sweet coffee shop with free internet one block from my house). It was small, but I requested a bunch o' books from the main branch.

Then, Melanie and I went to Stroll & Savor. Basically, you buy tickets and then walk down 2nd street. All the restaurants have booths outside and you spend your tickets on various food. I had Indian, Greek, Japanese and Mexican food. I also had a cupcake, a crepe, and a diet coke. It was super fun. Everyone is walking around, people are out with their dogs. Good times. Then Lanie and I went and had a glass of wine at Vint's. It was super.

Also, every week they have movies on the beach. I am going to see Singing in the Rain on the 6th and Breakfast Club on the 12th. Anyone want to join?

So, in case it was unclear...I really like living in Long Beach. :)


  1. wow...almost makes me what to live in long beach! :)

  2. So in case I was unclear, I am completely jealous of you living in long beach and having all this summer freedom fun stuff...Can I be your roomate? LOL

  3. I love the idea of the two of you switching off on the chair. In fact, I might have to write a story or essay about it.

  4. Who are you anonymous? I vote either Greg or Susan. Whoever you are, please show me said story/essay when you write it. :)