Monday, November 9, 2009

Blog Plagarism

Once again, I don't have much to I will steal the words of my students from their important person essay. The assignment: choose an important person in your life, three traits that describe them, and write a five paragraph essay using evidence to back up the traits. Without further ado...

"The person that holds a family together is a mother. My mother is a mom who is supportive, smart, and kind-hearted to others and me."

"The most caring person I know is Areli. She's caring because whenever we see someone we know by themselves she always goes up and starts talking to them."

"My first trait that explains why Pablo is an awesome friend is that he is hilarious. He is hilarious because whenever I'm down he is always there to tell me a funny yo mama joke."

"My mom is giving because everytime I go outside she says, 'Here is a dollar for the ice cream man.' Also, when I go to Target or somethign she says to choose three things but not over $50. The biggest thing my mom always gives me is love. That is my favorite thing she gives me."

"Brianna is very brave when it comes to protecting her best friends. If someone is picking on them she says, 'Leave them alone...gosh!'"

"She likes cats, dogs, and as any grandma does, she loves babies."

"My grandma is faithful everyday. She is faithful because everyday she has a bright smile on her face when she goes to her radiation. It feels like a sunburn and that hurts really bad. Another reason why she is faithful is because she has breast cancer...everyday when my grandma wakes up she has faith that she is going to get better."

"Another trait I would use to describe my dad is brave. My dad went to Iraq in 2004 for almost two years. I call that brave because he didn't know if he would come back to his family. When he came back he was hurt mentally and physically. At night he used to wake up screaming thinking he was still in Iraq."

And boy seemed to get a little confused...he wrote about his mother was loving...lazy...and clumsy. I would be mortified if my son turned this in: "The reason she is lazy is because she would say, 'Let's go to the store later,' and when we are all ready she's in bed saying, 'Let's go on the weekend.' She always has to eat someone else's food because she is too lazy to make her own."

Sigh. They can't all be perfect.

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  1. I love when you plagiarize. I teared up at the poetry reading.