Friday, January 16, 2009


Somedays, I don't feel like an optimist.

Given just the right algorithm of age, times the number of friends getting married, to the bronchitis power, plus the number of papers I have to grade, divided by days until my National Board Portfolio is due; sometimes it all equals half empty.

But, I choose hope. I choose to believe that life is good. That the things that I want will happen for me. That while my happiness doesn't always look how I expected it to, it's still happiness. Wrapped in Pinkberry, covered with a good movie, tied with the bow of sleeping in tomorrow, there it is. My optimism, a gift just for me.


  1. your optimism is a gift for everyone too.

  2. what i wouldn't give to be an optimist.

  3. Okay, that was so creatively communicated. You're just trying to make me comment on every post, aren't you?