Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I was going to fill out a survey about the year, for funs sake, but I hated them all. So here is my year in review, sans questions and in no particular order.

In 2008 I...
...went to see Toby Mac (don't ask), Foo Fighters, Sound of Music Sing-a-long, and She & Him in concert.
...bought a ticket to see Ben Folds in concert, but then mixed up dates and missed it.
...attended four weddings.
...knew six people who had babies. No, seven.
...went on two vacations to Mexico
...celebrated Spring Break in San Diego
...started my National Board certification
...lost everything on my computer when it crashed
...cried in the Apple store (those two were in order)
...visited Minnesota
...survived a breakup
...visited DC
...kissed three people
...got kicked out of Belmont Station
...was mistaken for a professional wedding coordinator
...voted Democrat for the first time
...cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner
...bought my first Christmas tree
...survived the great mouse scare of 2008. (For those who have been wondering, he was never seen, heard, or smelled from again.)
...moved to Long Beach!

Friends, what did I miss? What other fabulous memories do I need to be reminded of?


  1. i thought i commented on this already and yet there are zero...

    well. maybe i didn't. i like this post though! i think even if i pared down my year only to the best-sounding things it wouldn't sound half this good.

    "was talked to snottily by fourteen library patrons."

  2. Kissed three people? Jealous...

    Toby Mac?? WOW...

    Hey, I think we'll actually see each other again when B is in town. Pretty sweet, huh?