Monday, September 29, 2008


You might be thinking that the subject line is a metaphor about the various roles I play in my life. You would be wrong. If you have a need for that metaphor, please refer to Amy Grant's album where she had some sort of animal print jacket on and listen to "hats."

I bought two hats the other night. I don't generally wear hats, as I feel they make me look like a man. But, I bought a cute, gray, wool hat. That one, I can see actually wearing. I plan on busting it out tomorrow night for the hockey game I am attending. It's wintery and fun and totally socially acceptable.

The other one is called a stingy fedora. Yes, I bought a fedora. Just call me Claudia Kishi. It's dark gray with a blue design around it. It's very cute and Ryan taught me how to tilt it just so.

I am writing this post because I need some pressure to wear the fedora. So, if you invite me anywhere that screams "fedora!" please let me know that I should wear it. (Or, if you think the fedora purchase was a huge mistake, then just never tell me to wear it.)


  1. it don't stop no it's never gonna stop

  2. i am having a hip dance party on friday night to which you must wear the fedora. ok, so i'm not having any parties, but you should wear it out somewhere! it's all about attitude, girl - and you can totally pull it off!

  3. Let's wear hats together someday...oooh, maybe hats and some old bridesmaids dresses that we paid more money for than any living being should ever pay for an article of clothing ever and that we'll never wear again as long as we both shall live. That sounds like a good idea.

  4. I think we should do a photo shoot with the fedora. I am picturing a messy apartment with huge, arched windows and you with an oversized, white oxford shirt, a brown leather man's belt, and that darn fedora. Oh, and no pants. But the shirt should be long enough to look like a miniskirt. Kind of like a "Sunday morning, lounging around with my tea and newspaper" kind of shoot. You in?

    Oh yeah, and check out what I am up to at I want to hear what you think!

  5. As a huge used-to-be, grew-up-on-her Amy Grant fan, I must give props to the Fletcher sisters for bringing "Hats" out of obscurity and into the forefront of my mind for the next who-knows-how-many freaking days! But just to give Ames her due, as someone who has acquired a few more hats over the years (the metaphorical ones, I look terrible in the real ones), I can say she was right. "No it's never gonna stop."


    =), mel